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Project is being implemented by the Support Center for Ugra Export with support of the Government of Khanty-Mansiysk Autonomous District – Ugra

The III meeting of young entrepreneurs in September 2012 organized by Entrepreneurship Support Foundation of Ugra, held a contest for the best logo "Made in Ugra".


The goal of project is to promote in other regions and countries the products and services of local producers under the brand "Made in Ugra" and recognition of this brand in foreign markets.

Project mission is to create a positive image of regional producers among residents of the okrug and nationwide, as well as among foreign consumers. Currently the application of Support Center for Ugra Export for state registration of the trademark "Made in Ugra!" accepted for review by the Federal Service for Intellectual Property.

Products manufactured by small and medium enterprises of the autonomous okrug, which meets all quality standards, will be labeled with trademark "Made in Ugra!" after registration of this trademark.

Certificate of registration of the mark:

The project is implemented by
the Found "Support Centre for Ugra export"
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